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          Turbo charge your enterprise apps

          The dominant solutions for several application categories--from ecommerce to content management to analytics--are all built on the LAMP stack, and historically, LAMP on Intel processors.

          But the POWER processor family has steadily improved its price performance, and entry-level Power8 systems are affordable for any business. At the same time, LAMP stack solutions have grown into business critical systems of engagement, where more powerful, scalable, and reliable hardware systems are required. 

          An excellent case in point is Magento, one of the most popular ecommerce solutions.  While it provides the functionality and price point that works for many businesses, Magento often suffers from performance problems.  By simply rehosting from Intel to POWER8, businesses can enjoy improved performance and achieve their compliance objectives more cost effectively.

          Get Started Today--We Can Help!

          Take Zend Server on Power Linux for a test drive!  We've made a full-featured edition of Zend Server available as a two-week test drive on a Power Systems server running Ubuntu Linux through siteox.com.

          Try Zend Server on Power in the Cloud!

          Are you ready to get started with a project?  Zend can help you any phase of your solution:

          • Project selection and scoping
          • Performance audits
          • Security audits
          • ...and many other custom services

          You may qualify for a no-charge Proof of Concept--contact us today!

          Ready for a deeper dive?

          Working with our POWER8 partners MariaDB, Canonical, Mellanox, and IBM, we've jointly optimized the LAMP stack for Power Systems servers, giving you a "turbo-charged" LAMP stack.  The Turbo LAMP stack on POWER8 lets you easily re-host your Intel-based workloads without going through a prolonged migration or spending tens of thousands on consultants.

          You can learn a lot more about how the components of the Turbo LAMP stack, and get more information about how to set up your own Turbo LAMP environment.  Download the Turbo LAMP White Paper to learn more about how we built this optimized, open stack for business critical applications.

          Download the White Paper