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          Zend Cloud Solutions

          Enterprise Class PHP Cloud Solutions: Infinitely Scalable, Always Available


          With blazing performance for your web and mobile apps combined with unparalleled scalability and uptime, Zend cloud computing solutions drive the web today. Zend in the cloud lets you choose the tools, scale, and management options that best suit your team and ensures your applications are portable – the same app that runs on one cloud can easily move to another zone or provider at any time.


          The simplicity and reliability of our cloud solutions are available on a variety of platforms at prices that anyone can afford. As your application takes off, you can grow your Zend cloud image and only pay for what you need.


          For more information or questions about Zend in the cloud, chat with us online or contact us at [email protected]


          Available cloud solutions

          cloud service for AWS Zend Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
          Unmatched cloud scalability and affordable pricing on a public cloud, with flexible payment models and one-click deployment.
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          cloud platform for Microsoft Zend Server on Microsoft Azure
          Designed for both development and production on a public cloud, with flexible payment options and easy one-click deployment.
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          Zend Server on Google Cloud Platform Zend Server on Google Cloud Platform
          Best in class tools for developing great web and mobile PHP apps on the Google Cloud.
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          PHP cloud solution for IBM Zend Server on IBM
          Customize your instance to suit your PHP application requirements, with both private and public cloud options.
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          Zend is the ideal Cloud Solution


          Zend Server is the leading platform for scalable mobile and web applications. Plus, Zend cloud solutions have additional benefits.


          Learn More about Zend Server


          Zend Cloud Computing Solutions Benefits


          Zend cloud solutions offer affordable pricing (hourly or monthly)

          Cloud computing solutions level the playing field for developers and small teams. For a low monthly investment, you have access to infrastructure that was previously only available to the shops with deep pockets. A full Zend Server environment is available starting as low as $29 a month with Amazon Web Services. Plus, as your application takes off, you can grow your Zend cloud image and only pay for what you need.


          Blazing performance for your PHP apps

          Zend Server provides multiple technologies for improving application response times and minimizing resource utilization. Depending on your cloud provider, PHP code acceleration, bytecode caching, full page caching and data caching are some of the underlying technologies that get you that extra performance boost. Plus, running your application jobs using Job Queue executes time-consuming jobs asynchronously, removing application bottlenecks and improving end user experience.


          Elastic PHP-based Cloud Solution

          To get the full benefits of cloud scalability when needed, your application server needs to be able to add application instances to a cluster, that is to provision new application instances automatically when needed with exactly the same configuration as your existing instances, and to load balance across the cluster of servers or instances. One of the big benefits of Zend Server cloud solutions on Amazon Web Services or the IBM Cloud is that clustering is built in, and the process of adding instances can be fully automated. This means your application can scale up (or down) seamlessly, with no loss of user sessions. This is a big difference from using open source PHP runtime options in the cloud.


          Built-in App Insights

          Zend Server powers thousands of web applications both on premise and in the cloud. In addition to proven reliability and endless testing with popular corporate application frameworks, the built-in application insights and diagnostics let you quickly identify and troubleshoot any application level issues without spending time guessing at root cause and attempting to recreate production problems. You'll know right away whether the issue is with the code, your API calls, or the rest of your infrastructure set-up.