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          Your team. Our help. Rapid Results.

          Our goal is to help you deliver your apps and innovate faster while ensuring optimal performance and high availability. 

          Zend consultants combine a depth of experience with a mentoring approach that empowers your developers to deliver efficient, maintainable, and high-performing PHP applications.  We can lend you our expertise in Continuous Delivery strategy and implementation, PHP application design and delivery and Zend Framework.  We also provide custom consulting services in the areas of process design and implementation, application architecture, and application development and management best practices.

          Our Consultants have direct access to the vast PHP ecosystem which covers nearly every part of the PHP language, runtime environment, extensions, frameworks and common applications. This allows us to apply PHP best practices, deliver guidance, and educate on utilizing advanced methodologies. Our team includes internationally respected PHP architects, Zend Framework experts, performance optimization specialists and accomplished security consultants who deliver a complete end-to-end solution to help meet the most demanding business requirements.


          How can we help?

          Continuous Delivery Services

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            Application Audit and Migration

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          Starting out with PHP


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          Zend Server Implementation Services 

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          Learn and Develop PHP and
          Zend Framework 2 Best
          Practices > 

          Design a new PHP Application > 

          Migrate or Adopt the latest PHP
          version or PHP framework > 

          Evaluate and Demonstrate the 
          value of adopting PHP for my
          new Web or Mobile project > 

          Optimize my Development 
          process and maximize developer productivity > 

          Optimize the performance of my application >

          Implement and Optimize a Zend Server PHP Development
          Environment > 

          Ensure that my application is calable, maintainable and follows best practices > 

          Secure and detect vulnerabilities 
          my PHP Application >

          Optimize DevOps workflows by Automating deployment,
          management and monitoring
          processes >

          Implement and Optimize a
          High availability Production
          Enterprise PHP environment >

          Deploy a Zend PHP Server environment in a private or public cloud > 

          Optimize the performance of
          my production application >

          Secure and detect vulnerabilities 
          my production PHP Application >

          Migrate or Adopt the latest PHP version or PHP framework > 

          Optimize DevOps workflows by Automating deployment,
          management and monitoring
          processes >




          Zend Professional Services




          We encountered a serious problem in our production environment that threatened to undermine our Web site availability and performance. When we were unable to recreate the problem, Zend's consultant conducted a thorough analysis of our project. He didn't push a quick fix or ask us to make a technology leap of faith. Instead, he helped us achieve short-term milestones with little or no business disruption or risk, and worked with us to reach our long-term goals for Web site performance and availability. Now we're running our PHP applications with the confidence gained from seeing first-hand how Zend works proactively to help us troubleshoot our Web environment. 


          Fred Schmidt, Manager, Applications Development, VR Systems Inc