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          Your Project. Your timeline. Our help.


          Zend can lend you our expertise in Continuous Delivery strategy and implementation, PHP application design and delivery and Zend Framework.  We provide custom consulting services in the areas of process design and implementation, application architecture,  and application development and management best practices.


          Our Consultants have direct access to the vast PHP ecosystem which covers nearly every part of the PHP language, runtime environment, extensions, frameworks and common applications. This allows them to apply PHP best practices, deliver guidance and educate on utilizing advanced methodologies.




          Custom consulting projects are tailored to your needs and specific scenario. Projects might include:

          • Implementing processes to support a Continuous Delivery approach, such as automating release or testing processes

          • Establish a PHP development practice within your organization

          • Design of a PHP runtime production environment

          • Migration from older PHP versions to the current versions

          • Best practices for utilizing Zend Framework and adopting an MVC approach

          • Migrations between application frameworks

          • Design guidance for new applications or refactoring of existing applications

          • Migration from legacy applications to new PHP applications

          • Hands on assistance in software design and development projects

          • Implement automation and elasticity in the production environment