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          Continuous Delivery


          Get help accelerating your innovation.


          Faster Delivery with Better Quality? Yes, it's possible

          Achieve Continuous Delivery with help from Zend

          Find Your Zend Services

          From setting a roadmap to rapid implementation, the Zend team is here to help.  Use this page to assess which services could help you most.

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          Continuous Delivery Assessment

          Together we will build a roadmap to agile application delivery. Our expert will assess your  software delivery strategy and make specific recommendations on next steps. 

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          Continuous Delivery Smart Start

          Your Continuous Delivery practice delivered. Our consultant will work with your team to implement a basic fully functional Continuous delivery process or optimize and improve an existing or partial process.

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          Custom Implementation Services

          Your project and your timeline with our help. Zend can lend you our expertise in Continuous Delivery strategy and implementation.

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          Accelerate your application release cycle

          Zend has created a blueprint to simplify and accelerate the adoption of Continuous Delivery best practices within your team. This blueprint provides a series of patterns (plug-ins based on best practices), that when used with Zend Server, can easily integrate and automate all of key steps required to achieve Continuous Delivery- from source control, to continuous integration, to automating infrastructure provisioning and application releases.


          Our consultants have an advantage in that Zend Server provides a platform to more easily tie all of this together throughout the application delivery lifecycle, and the Zend Server patterns (ready to go plug-ins) avoid much of the work that might be involved in implementing each step of the process. 

          Whether you choose to implement the blueprint yourself or seek our help, the Zend Server support team will be behind you each step of the way.

          Zend's Continuous Delivery Blueprint methodology

          Our blueprint approach helps simplify some tough challenges - like how to automate deploying a complete application stack from your Continuous Integration system into staging and production, how to integrate and automate the right types of testing, and how to underpin your application deployment with automatic provisioning of staging and production environments with every element needed for your app release.


          The blueprint and plug ins are based on the real life experience of Zend's Professional Services team,  which is

          responsible for implementing best practices with our clients.