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          Zend Server Online Help

          Release Notes

          What's changed and new features in Zend Server


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          Share your Zend Server experience with other users 


          Read how Zend Server can ensure application success

          Installation Guide

          Learn how to install or upgrade Zend Server on your OS, whether on Linux, Windows, Mac or IBM i.

          System Requirements

          See what is required for you to run Zend Server in your environment.


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          Zend Developer Zone 

          Read and share best practices with other PHP developers, learn about their experiences using Zend Server.


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          Learn industry best practices for delivering apps rapidly, iteratively, and consistently.


          Maximize performance and mitigate risks with PHP 7


          Zend Server for Framework

          Read how Zend Server helps Zend Framework users.

          Featured Videos

          Introducing Zend Server

          Get introduced to Zend Server's main features

          11 Ways Zend Server Will Make your Life Better

          Watch eleven ways Zend Server helps you deliver your apps rapidly, iteratively and consistently

          Introduction to Continuous Delivery with Zend Server

          Learn how Zend Server provides you with a platform for continuous delivery of business critical PHP applications

          Brett Lewis, Software and Automation Engineer at NetApp

          What to look for in choosing the right server, and most exciting features of Zend Server.


          Frank Kromman, Software Manager at Panasonic Avionics

          Common issue of inheriting code and using Z-Ray to debug code written by others

          Ingo Walz, System Architect at Arvato eCommerce

          The advantages of using Zend Server and how to use Zend in Production.