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          Innovative use of technology solutions to build and manage high-performing applications can be the key differentiator in delivering connected and effortless yet secure and reliable experiences. Through smart use of Zend's application development and deployment solutions, banks and other financial institutions can accelerate development and delivery of mission critical applications.

          Zend Studio, as the Integrated Development Environment, optimizes application development and enables developers to produce quality code more efficiently. And Zend Server facilitates performance optimization through real-time insights, automation and scale to manage periods of heavy traffic. Together they enable organizations to gain better control over applications while saving time/cost and ensuring quality.

          Increase Competitive Advantage?

          To provide exceptional customer services, employees need to have all the right tools and services to ensure optimum application performance. Zend’s integrated PHP stack, including the Zend Server web application server for monitoring and performance optimization provides the enterprise reliability and security necessary to meet regulations, transparency and accountability.

          The monitoring and performance management capabilities help ensure that applications are performing properly, at all times, which can be the crucial for complex workflows with a high volume of traffic. And, if there is an issue, Zend Server's coding tracing can help pinpoint the root cause of application errors or bottlenecks, providing a full execution history conveniently in the dashboard so problems can be quickly resolved, and prevented in future.


          Customer Quotes

          We wanted to establish an agile, iterative development environment. We chose Zend…

          Yannic Mahé, PHP Audit Manager, IPS group, BNP Paribas


          Zend Server's capabilities enable us to save time in terms of development, debugging and bring us reliable applications in the end.

          Raoul Niangba, PHP Developer at BNP Paribas


          Embrace Change

          As  banking and financial services strive to be at the forefront of evolving technology, Zend continues to be a catalyst for the evolution of PHP in application development for the web plus mobile and cloud computing environments. Zend is not only a key contributor to the PHP language itself, but also a leader within the PHP ecosystem. The knowledge and expertise of enterprise-class application development and deployment best practices offered by Zend can be key differentiator in the fight for competitive advantage.

          Whether it's maximizing development productivity or optimizing application performance, industry leaders trust Zend’s intimate knowledge of core PHP technology as one of its creators, its ongoing contributions to PHP’s evolution as a platform for enterprise web development, and its strong consulting and support services.

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