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          Do-it-yourself means starting from scratch with the rawest of materials: a PHP distribution, multiple extensions, tools, people, and time. Then begins the task of assembling, testing, controlling versions and maintaining. Your precious talent is spending significant time on “the plumbing” rather than on innovation. It’s the slowest, most painful, most expensive route to application completion. Guaranteed.

          Compliance & Security

          DIY means your audit capabilities have to be built from scratch. DIY means proving your homegrown systems meet security and version standards. Patching, testing, documenting, it’s a waste of your company's time, talent and money.


          Everything you do starts from scratch. You need another feature for your Wordpress site? Buy a plugin. Need to monitor your Magento site? Buy a plugin. Need to upgrade or rollback? Cobble together a set of plugins. Got notification on the latest security vulnerability? Figure out which plugin is affected and then hope that you can figure out the patch from a set of forum posts.


          Build it yourself, or license it standalone from a monitoring provider. Or even worse, just do without.


          Developers write code all day, it’s their passion. They care about code quality, but they may not worry about the how it all gets glued together or how long that takes. Upgrades and rollbacks are mechanical and eventful. Long weekends and headaches guaranteed. Make sure you have lots of pizza and energy drinks on hand.

          If your app is doing serious work for real customers, you should be using Zend Server-Enterprise PHP.
          Invest your time in innovation.

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