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          Continuous Delivery eBook

          29 DevOps experts on the best way to make the transition to Continuous Delivery.

          Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery

            Best practices to simplify and accelerate the adoption of Continuous Delivery.

          Getting to Continuous Delivery:

          6 Steps That Will Increase DevOps Velocity and Produce More Stable Code

          Adopting CD allows companies to realize direct financial benefits averaging 19% increase.

          How to calculate the ROI of Continuous Delivery

          Practical advice (and a workbook) to help justify an investment in a Continuous Delivery practice

          Zend Server as Platform for Continuous Delivery

          Learn how Zend Server can help you and your team implement best practices and integrate your Continuous Delivery processes.

          Fundamentals of Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Zend Server

          This paper outlines the implementation of an automated Continuous Integration system 

          Follow the latest trends on Continuous Delivery on Zend’s Blog

          See the latest thinking on PHP and Continuous Delivery from industr thought leaders

          From Manual to automated app deployment and testing

          See how automated application release can save you resources 

          Continuous Delivery is a killer advantage for companies that want to move fast 

          Zend’s CEO, Andi Gutmans addresses the need for speed

          Application Leadership Today

          DevOps: Agile Delivery for Competitive Edge

          Webinar: Implementing Continuous Delivery

          This webinar covers how a dev team engineered Continuous Delivery from scratch.

          MonkiGras 2014 – Zend’s Elaine Lennox speaks about the Need for Speed and the DevOps Revolution

          Introduction to Continuous Delivery with Zend Server 

          Continuous Delivery Panel at ZendCon 2013