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          Our Promise
          Make it Extraordinary with Enterprise PHP
          We Promise:
          We promise to shoulder the research and development, maintenance, security and burden of core PHP so you can focus on your time and talent on innovating rather than on “the plumbing.”
          We Deliver:
          • Battle-hardened, patched, trusted & tested distribution
          • Expert Services and Best Practices mentoring
          • Commercial Enterprise Support
          • Value-add capabilities to ensure your PHP applications are maximizing that value
          Find your Zend:
          Find enterprise-grade PHP with Zend Server, the professional PHP distribution with advanced security, performance, high availability, no hassle maintenance and automation.
          DIY vs Zend Enterprise PHP Feature Comparison

          See Comparison Chart

          Extraordinary PHP
          Trust in Zend Enterprise PHP to Deliver the Extraordinary Experience
          • Over 40,000 customers rely on us today
          • Zend Certified Engineers are the Gold Standard in the Industry
          • Zend leads both the commercial and open source contribution for PHP
          • PHP 7 is based on Zend PHPNG (next-generation engine)
          • Leverage PHP experience from the co-creators of PHP
          Use Cases
          Release Automation
          Accelerating App Delivery
          Rapid Deployment
          Continuous Delivery
          Ready to learn more?