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          Which Edition is Right for You?

          The Zend Server Production Edition that is right for you depends on your team,
          the features you need and the level of support that fits your priorities.


          Looking for Zend Server for development? Click Here

          Get Zend Server
          on pay-as-you go basis
          on Amazon Web Services
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          Most Popular
          For running advanced single
          server applications
          Small Business
          KEY BENEFITS
          • The most secure, hassle-free stack with broad PHP extension support
          • Integrated management for apps, configuration and monitoring 
          • Secure Z-Ray insight in production
          KEY FEATURES
          Complete and optimized PHP stack w/ over 80 PHP extensions
          Consistent stack for development & production
          Server configuration management
          Application & library deployment (with rollbacks)
          Zend Server plugins gallery
          Runtime dashboards
          Root cause analysis with Z-Ray secured for production
          Monitoring & alerting
          End users live support tools
          Caching tools & APIs
          2 weeks data retention
          Production Support
          Web Support
          P1 response time: 2 business days
          PHP security hotfixes
          For running multi-server,
          business critical applications
          KEY BENEFITS
          Get all Small Business benefits and more:
          • Automated (streamlined) deployment and management of apps in a multi-server environment 
          • Maximize your website uptime
          • Deliver innovation faster with an integrated platform for Continuous Delivery
          • Zend Server Plus with full stack support is now available for this edition.
          KEY FEATURES
          Get all Small Business features and more:
          Multi-server configuration management
          Deployment automation in multi-server environment
          H/A fault tolerance
          Elasticity, scalability & automation for cloud & on-premise
          H/A session clustering
          Job Queue - H/A offline processing
          Integration API's for supporting Continuous Delivery
          3 months data retention
          Production Support
          Phone support, business hours
          P1 response time: 6 business hours
          Long Term Support for PHP versions
          When compliance, security, and 24x7 support are not optional
          KEY BENEFITS
          Get all Professional benefits and more:
          • Peace of mind with the best in class SLA
          • Enhanced capabilities for compliance management and security
          • Zend Server Plus with full stack support is now available for this edition.
          KEY FEATURES
          Get all Professional features and more:
          Audit trail for compliance management
          Role-based access control
          LDAP integration
          Per-application authorization
          Java Bridge - PHP to Java connector
          Unlimited data retention
          Production Support
          Phone support, 24 x 7 x 365
          P1 response time: 2 hours
          Zend Framework & Apigility customer requested fixes
          For those who have large
          or variable number of servers