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          Zend is a Proud Supporter of Multiple Open Source Projects


          We are proud to have helped drive the creation of a successful, vibrant and engaged open-source community around the PHP language. At this point there are more than 5 million active PHP developers in the world, and Zend supports multiple additional open source projects by providing leadership, support, and development resources.  

          We have provided thousands of hours and significant financial resources to help the projects on this page.  Get in touch if you'd like to get involved !


          PHP- Zend Engine

          Zend continues to contribute to the core PHP language, and support the Zend engine, which sits at the core of PHP.

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          Zend Framework

          Zend Framework, the leading open-source PHP framework has a flexible architecture that lets you easily build modern web applications and web services.

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          Apigility is an open-source API builder that provides a standardized interface for producing quality APIs.

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          Eclipse PHP Development Tools

          The Eclipse PHP Development Tools framework (Eclipse PDT) project provides basic PHP editing capabilities and the foundation for PHP support in the Eclipse ecosystem.

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          Meet the Z Team

          Get to know the Z Team, and even better join it! – The Z Team is a team of volunteer evangelists around the world who have been rewarded the ultimate Z Team title in recognition for their help on refining, improving, enhancing, teaching and promoting Zend products. Learn more here >

          Community and User Groups

          Zend is also proud to support activities at local PHP user groups around the world.
          If you'd like to see your group listed here  or learn how we can partner with you- just let us know!

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