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          The Fastest Way to Enterprise PHP

          An application development and deployment platform built for performance, scale, and security.


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          Develop, Deploy, and Manage Your PHP Application

          Infrastructure and tools to ensure PHP application performance, security, and scalability


          High Availability & Scale

          Ensure reliability, performance, and scalability of your PHP applications with out-of-the-box cluster management and support for your entire application stack. 

          Security & Compliance

          Provide the highest-level of security through PHP Long-Term Support and offering support to standard frameworks such as Laminas, Zend Framework 1&2 to your enterprise customers.


          Increase developer productivity by automating the release cycle and building a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline, on-premises or in the cloud.


          Understand and resolve problems quicker with deep diagnostics pulled directly from your production environment.

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          Provides a complete, secure, and highly performing PHP stack.

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          Ensures exceptional performance, reliability, and security for your enterprise application.

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          Our Clients

          Over 40,000 clients place their trust in us

          Zend is proud to work with companies big and small across a wide range of industries.  Zend Server equips them with the infrastructure and insight to support rapid application releases, and scale their apps both on-premise and in the cloud.


          News, Information, and Updates

          Ensure your PHP 5.6 apps are supported & secure

          Learn more about the long-term commercial support and security fixes available until 2020.

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          Zend Server 2019 Now Available!

          Try Zend Server 2019 today and take advantage of multi-version support, enhanced performance with new APIs and so much more.

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